Ourporucts: aluminum wood composite door and windows  

Aluminum Wood Composite Door

Aluminum Wood Composite Door

Wood aluminum door and window

1) Open style: Open in and tilt.

2) Aluminum Alloy: top class aluminum 163 style profile

3) Aluminum Surface finish: fluorocarbon, powder coating, electrophoresis, anodize (Option)


4) Wood: Newzealand Pine. High quality timber treated with high heat, dry and integrated.

5) Aluminum-wood composite style: wood interior and aluminum exterior.

6) Glass: normal, tempered, Low-E and others (Option).


7) Panel Thickness: 4+12A+4mm(double glasses), first class glass

8) Hardware: TRUTH from USA or LSSN from England, multi-point lock for your security.

9) Property: good airtightness, water proof, sound resistant, wind resistant.